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Journal Volume XI


Win/lose from gnovis on Vimeo. Abstract The project consists of an essay about Caucasian Conflicts and a narrative film, that is a metaphorical reflection of one of the overarching reasons for the conflicts elaborated in the essay. The essay provides … Continue reading

The Culture of Power in Mexico through the lens of Corruption

From Idealism to Corruption: Power in Mexico from gnovis on Vimeo. Abstract Author Carlos Fuentes (2003) and filmmaker Luis Estrada (1999) have used their work to depict the culture of power and corruption that exists in Mexico. This project seeks … Continue reading

Carmen Miranda – The Digital Story

Carmen Miranda: The Digital Story from gnovis on Vimeo.    Abstract Specifically through images and narratives of Carmen Miranda, singer and actress, this digital story attempts to examine and question gender, sex, and the body through the performance of the … Continue reading

Mapping Our Worlds Abstract Mapping our Worlds is an interactive online exhibit exploring new ways of mapping material experiences. The map seems to have become an objectification of our material experiences, a way to represent the materiality of our everyday experiences, … Continue reading

“Hated It: Humor, Homo, and the Heterosexual”

Hated It!: Humor, Homo, and the Heterosexual from gnovis on Vimeo. Abstract “Hated It” addresses the use of parody as a transgressive practice to subvert essentialized constructions of gender, sex, and sexuality. Using numerable arguments from various gender and media … Continue reading

Digital Cover Scrape Abstract This project seeks to provide a new method of interpretation for historical phenomenon. While the majority of history is presented in the form of narrative, there are other ways that information can now be presented thanks to new … Continue reading


(pop)ulism from gnovis on Vimeo. Abstract “(Pop)ulism” is a Eisensteinian montage of the tropes and practices of contemporary and recent populism in America and the UK. This mixed media project seeks to uncover and criticize the Laclauian empty signifiers of … Continue reading

Queering the Gaze: Psychoanalysis and Homosexuality in Main Hoon Na

Queering the Gaze: Psychoanalysis and Homosexuality in Main Hoon Na. from Lakshmi Padmanabhan on Vimeo. Abstract This digital project uses the film Main Hoon Na, (Farah Khan, 2004) to make two, interrelated arguments. First, this project subverts Laura Mulvey’s reading … Continue reading

The Griot: The Rhetorical Impetus of African American Fiction

Abstract: The paper addresses the West African oral concept of griot, as it utilizes nommo, a Bantu term that denotes the magical power of words to cause change, as a critical African American lexical lens. In the broadest definition, a … Continue reading

Tracing Apollo’s Descent: Nietzsche’s Aesthetic Ontology and the Myth of Safe Spectatorship In Post-9/11 America

Abstract: The photographic record that emerged from the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001 depicts human suffering the likes of which Americans rarely have occasion to empathize with directly. As Americans, we naturally feel obliged to do right by the … Continue reading