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Journal Volume VI

Frontier House: Reality Television and the Historical Experience

Abstract: This paper examines the recent PBS program Frontier House, and its negotiation of the documentary and reality genres of television. While the documentary has long been used as a didactic device, the juxtaposition of this with the reality program … Continue reading

Dragnet (2003): A Case Study in the Evolution of American Television’s Police Procedural

Abstract: During the 2003 season, American television viewers had the rare opportunity to witness a merger of works by two influential creators of police procedurals. That year, Law and Order creator Dick Wolf resurrected the classic Dragnet, originally created by … Continue reading

I, Avatar: Constructions of Self and Place in Second Life

Abstract: Second Life is a unique three-dimensional virtual world that has been constructed by users through modeling tools, a scripting language, and a functioning economy with a virtual real estate market. The developers of Second Life see their user-constructed world … Continue reading

Finding One’s Place: Creating a New Eden for the “New Negro”

Abstract: Analysis of the American Negro Exhibit’s Photography at the Paris Exposition of 1900 Do images capture what we truly are, who others say we are or who we aspire to be? It is often those who create, control and … Continue reading