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Issue III Summer 2010

Summer 2010 Editor’s Note

Our Summer 2010 special issue marks a noteworthy juncture for gnovis, both in the diversification of our journal and in the engagement of the CCT community. This themed issue features papers from the students of Professor JP Singh’s Fall 2009 Global Governance and Deliberation class, making this our first issue solely dedicated to a CCT course.

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A Spiritual Exigency Behind Global Governance and Deliberation in the 21st Century

Abstract: Time and money is annually invested in organizing international forums and presidential summits. In an increasingly globalizing world, national delegates and representatives of multi-national corporations travel across the globe to attend international conferences. In an age where great effort … Continue reading

Rhetorical Reframing: Reflexive Discourse in Environmental Deliberations

Negotiating responsibility and action in human rights is one of the most prominent and contentious subjects in global governance literature. No issue exemplifies these challenges better than the international environmental deliberations and the crisis posed by climate change. The resounding problematic here is one of agency and inequity; while wealthier nations are the greatest contributors to climate change, the least wealthy tend to be those that are the greatest impacted by it. Continue reading

Taking it to the Next Level: The Internationalization of Domestic Norms and Intangible Cultural Heritage

International cooperation as we know it today is a modern phenomenon; only seventy years ago the world was embroiled in one of the most violent war in history. And yet, in less than a century, the world’s nations have come together to create regimes that address a myriad of pressing issues of global concern. What forces have precipitated such extreme change that the world’s nations are engaging in conversation about issues that would have seemed imaginary not long ago? Continue reading

Legitimacy and Accountability in Internet Governance: Civil Society Participation in the World Summit on the Information Society

Abstract: This paper analyzes models of participation for global Internet governance, using the World Summit for the Information Society (WSIS) as a case study. Given the bottom-up genesis of the Internet and the collaboration it encourages, it is ironic that … Continue reading

Non-Traditional Media’s Struggle for Legitimacy: Missed Opportunities at the World Summit on the Information Society

Abstract: Media in general have yet to gain the legitimacy necessary to fully participate in global governance deliberations. Non-traditional media—community radio, bloggers, citizen journalists and the like—face even more obstacles to achieving participation. This occurs for several key reasons. First, … Continue reading

The Fourth Estate’s Influence on Deliberative Democracies: Media Framing of the 2008 US-South Korea Beef Imports Controversy

Abstract: Media’s omnipresence and its role in the democratic process raise questions of the effectiveness of media framing in citizen deliberation. This paper will explore for whom and under what conditions television and its framing practices change public opinion and … Continue reading

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