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Alicia transitions to DC having previously attended the University of California, Los Angeles, where she earned her BA in Art with a minor in Spanish in 2009. Currently in her second year of working towards her Master’s in Communication, Culture, and Technology, she is interested in exploring the relationship between individual and collective forms of cultural expression, and their role in the production of cultural identity. A Southern California native, Alicia has lived abroad in both Barcelona and London. In her spare time she continues to pursue her undergraduate endeavors of painting, drawing, and photography.
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A Glimpse into Britain’s Past — and into the Future of Film

This past week, 120 short documentaries from the British Film Institute National Archive were made available on the British Council’s website. But there is more significance behind the project than simply the films themselves. Originally produced and distributed in a time … Continue reading

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Leibovitz’s Journey at the Smithsonian

In the spirit of the (lunar) New Year, I have a confession to make. For having lived in such an arts rich cities over the course of my lifetime, my museum attendance has been less than impressive.


Does Culture Have a Skill Set?

Employment. It’s a word that is on the mind of every student this time of year. With the downturn of the economy, it has been on the tips of the tongues of Americans, politicians, and the media for longer than … Continue reading


We Swaggin: Kreyshawn and Work of Art

Vidding, as Colleen explained in her introduction to Hung Up on You, are fan videos based on television and film clips. And, as her link to In Media Res elaborates, vidding is  a more elaborate practice that might meet the … Continue reading

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Art Therapy? Wal-Mart Heiress Bankrolls Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art

With images of Real Housewives of New York’s Ramona Singer still lingering in my mind after the sponsor ad for “Kris pino grigio” popped up in my NPR Media Player, my attention was sharply redirected by the story that followed: … Continue reading


Do I Need to Say it?

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about language. It’s a funny thing to think about I suppose, but the way we choose to use language has always fascinated me. I could talk about it for hours. What is it about … Continue reading


The Work of Art in the Age of the MFA

Three weeks ago, Bravo’s Work of Art: Search for the Next Great Artist has came back for round two. Freshly graduated with my BA in Art, I remember I was instantly intrigued when promos for the premiere of Bravo’s latest … Continue reading


As Long as you Buy it

I have to admit, a serious love hate relationship with Andy Warhol. I can’t stand his ubiquity, but, try as I might, I find it impossible to discount his contributions to the dialogue of Art History. And his design aesthetic? … Continue reading

Yuja Wang

(Not) Available for Comment

Late last month, following her debut at the Los Angeles Hollywood Bowl, Chinese pianist Yuja Wang had hearts, and headlines, aflutter. For, during a solo in which she was accompanied by world renown LA Philharmonic, the highly accomplished 24 year … Continue reading


Savage Beauty: A Reflection

When you think about institutionalized art in the 21st century one unavoidable term comes to mind: The Blockbuster show. Popular for its widespread appeal, the moniker Blockbuster is ascribed to exhibits which leverage a combination of celebrity and mass media … Continue reading