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Hanna Woodburn

About Hanna Woodburn

Hanna Woodburn is a first year CCT student. She found herself in D.C. following the completion of her undergraduate degree from Colorado Christian University in Denver, CO where she studied Human Communication, Marketing, and Business. For three years prior to beginning her graduate studies, she worked for the legislative branch where she specialized in constituent communication and outreach efforts while managing a broad portfolio of legislative issues. In CCT, she is interested in gaining a greater understanding of how communication and technology can impart change on organizations, among other topics. Hanna blogs for gnovis on art, media, and our digital lives. She also can be found on Tumblr where her blog is predominately about her cat.
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Ayiti cheri

I spent this summer working for an American NGO in Port-au-Prince. During my time in Haiti’s capital city I fell in love with the people and culture that make this country so incredible. I also had the opportunity to be … Continue reading

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An exchange of human spirit

Last year, the small, rural town of Owego in upstate New York was devastated when the nearby river overflowed its banks.  A blogger from Owego, Abbey Hendrickson, took to Twitter and her blog to promote her fundraising campaign on … Continue reading

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Cultural Couture

It was recently fashion week. Which usually doesn’t coincide with my studies much except for the fact that much time gets wasted looking at backstage shots of long lashes and runway shows, but occasionally this nonacademic passion intersects with my … Continue reading

Sassy Monger

Why I might no longer be a vegetarian

My path toward vegetarianism was well-established by the time I left for college. For more than a decade now I have eschewed the consumption of animals. Through spats of veganism and many years of subsisting on a pescatarian diet, I … Continue reading SXSW Spring Spectacular (@MSG/Flickr)

Disaccord within HitRECord

In this podcast, Hanna Woodburn examines an incident the HitRECord community is calling “Girl, Interrupted.”


The Eames, Advertising & Art

An ad that pretends to be art is — at absolute best — like somebody who smiles warmly at you only because he wants something from you. David Foster Wallace I recently watched the documentary Eames: The Architect & the … Continue reading

sail wagon

Organic Creation

‘Only those with no memory insist on their originality’ -Coco Chanel I recently read a blog post by Denver-based artist and graphic designer Cole Sletten wherein he comments on the magnitude of online representation occurring through the construction of identity … Continue reading

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Philanthropic Consumerism

I recently bought a new pair of glasses. Yes, my second pair in a year, but one of my justifications for the splurge was that the company I purchased them from has a “buy a pair, give a pair” program … Continue reading


Arab Spring v. American Autumn: What’s in a Name?

The protests, demonstrations, and uprisings that transpired in the Middle East earlier this year, referred to as the Arab Spring, were a groundswell reaction to many social maladies taking place in the region: dictatorships, human rights abuses, and economic difficulties, … Continue reading


You’re so vain. You probably think this blog is about you.

Renowned New York Times columnist, David Brooks, recently spoke at Georgetown as a guest of the Tocqueville Forum. Avoiding his typical partisan banter, Mr. Brooks spoke about the need for humility in American culture, arguing that our society, as a … Continue reading