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Journal Volume XI Issue III Summer 2011

Carmen Miranda – The Digital Story

Carmen Miranda: The Digital Story from gnovis on Vimeo.



Specifically through images and narratives of Carmen Miranda, singer and actress, this digital story attempts to examine and question gender, sex, and the body through the performance of the “celebrity” and its recuperations in a nationalist discourse and culture. As both a departure and expansion of the icon of Carmen Miranda, the viewer, assumed to have minimal knowledge of the actress, demonstrates a variety of recycled threads of Miranda’s narratives in perspective, media, and culture throughout disparate generations. For example, Carmen Miranda’s popularized “Tutti-Frutti Hat” attire, which opens the story, demonstrates the more direct correlation between the actress in performance and generations of the Chiquita banana brand which will be explored throughout the film, as well as its “affects” as explained by Jasbir Puar.

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Jessica Steele comes to Georgetown University from Gettysburg College , while taking advantage of the essence of a true liberal arts undergraduate education, she focused on literature and writing. Apart from her academic theoretical and research driven followings of the written word, Jessica is actively involved in the Marketing Communications field where she has held management positions in Mobile Advertising as well as an incumbent in the telecommunications industry, delivering IP-communications services. She will graduate from the Communication, Culture and Technology program in 2012. More about Jessica: Linkedin; Tumblr .

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